High Fructose Gel – 80g [55g karbo]

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Energigel med forholdet 1:0,8 av maltodekstrin og fruktose som gir 55 g karbohydrater per gel og 220 Kcal. I tillegg til 250 mg natrium. Den er veganvennlig, glutenfri og tilgjengelig i tre smaker.

High Fructose Gel bærer seglet til Cologne List , verdens første og største dopingforebyggende plattform for kosttilskudd.

Köln-listen inneholder produkter som ikke har forbudte stoffer som er oppført på WADAs (World Anti-Doping Agency) liste.

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High Fructose Gel provides a 55 g supply of carbohydrates and 250 mg of sodium per gel from the maltodextrin and fructose, in a proportion of 10:8.

This formulation, based on “multiple transportable carbohydrates”, has shown through studies* that during extended exercise, the use of carbohydrates that are absorbed in the intestine by different transporters is the only way to increase the rate of assimilation and oxidation of exogenous carbohydrates above 60 g/hour.*

To that end, researchers confirm that the ideal thing is to combine sources of carbohydrates. We opted for Maltodextrin, to control molecular weight/osmolarity, the other one being Fructose.


  • Is absorbed in the small intestine by the transporter SLG-1 and converted into glucose for delivery to the cells, quickly providing them with energy.
  • This is a high glycaemic index, a rapid rise in blood glucose levels, with instant release of energy.
  • Rapid gastric emptying thanks to its high molecular weight and low osmolarity, favouring digestion and reducing secondary gastrointestinal effects.


  • Is absorbed in the small intestine using the GLUT5 transporters, different to those that absorb other carbohydrates. The absorbed fructose travels from the intestine to the liver by GLUT2 transporters and tops up the stores of hepatic glycogen lost during intense physical exercise.
  • Gradual absorption occurs, with a steady and progressive release of energy.

This is why the combination of maltodextrin and fructose enables the digestion and assimilation of high amounts of carbohydrates per hour, reducing the risk of gastric problems.

High Fructose Gel is available in 80g stick format and in three flavours:

  • Banana.
  • Strawberry.
  • Cola with 100mg of caffeine.



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