Race Bar – 40g

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40g energibar som er perfekt å ta med seg på trening og konkurranser. Den har en veldig lett tyggbar tekstur med gode smaker.

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The Race Day Bar are a variation of the Endurance Fuel Bar (60g), these being thinner (40g), easy to transport and chew.

The main characteristics of these bars are:

  • Small dimensions and 40 g weight.
  • The amount of fig has been increased and the date has been reduced, thus controlling the glycemic index, so they provide energy but insulin peaks are reduced.
  • One bar has between 124 – 135 kcal and 21 – 25 g of carbohydrates depending on the flavor.
  • Nuts have been removed to make it easier to eat and aid digestion.
  • They contain pumpkin seeds that give consistency to the texture and provide healthy fats and proteins.
  • With organic ingredients such as dates, pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil and sultanas.
  • A vitamin complex with 10 vitamins has been added at 50% of the NRV

Available in 3 different flavors:

 BCAA  in a 8:1:1 ratio (Leucine+)

  • Dark chocolate : with natural cocoa powder, organic chocolate chips and natural chocolate aroma.
  • Apple and cinnamon : with organic chopped dehydrated apple, organic cinnamon powder and natural apple flavor.
  • Banana and ginger : with banana flakes, organic ginger powder and natural banana flavor.

HOW TO USE :Take a Race Day bar every 30-60′ according to needs both in training and in competitions. It is also perfect to take before doing sports and cover the energy needs of that moment before exercise.


Energy bar rich in carbohydrates based on dried fruits and pumpkin seeds. Suitable for vegans.


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